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Wanting it both ways.

Sorry again for the delays, had a busy time, lately. Had some work to do on my car, as well as selling my old one. The guy was sposed to come and pick it up on Sunday, but he didn’t. Great.

Last night I noticed something on Facebook. Someone on my friendlist posted something about religion only being good for 3 things, then a theist noted that religion also brings courage, comfort, and hope. I then mentioned that the same courage causes terrorists to blow themselves up.

Of course, he denied that this is the case, and instead blamed terrorism on extremists. Now, I obviously know that these extremists really are a tiny minority, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s religion that causes them to do what they do.

There’s no atheists blowing themselves up, or plotting to destroy western culture, is there? It’s religion causing this stuff. You can’t only accept the good whilst blaming the bad on something else. The same hope and courage that is so good for some people can also be bad for others, compelling them to do horrible things.

Religion poisons everything.

9 years ago, today…

9 years ago today, many people were killed by religion. We should all remember the terrible events of that day, and remember that it is only because of religious stupidity that these people died for absolutely nothing.

People need to stop fearing terrorists, and religious extremists, and openly mock them. By making out these nutjobs are powerful, you’re just fuelling the fire. Mock them. Make fun of them.

The worst thing to do is to start using religious extremism to fight religious extremism, like that idiot who wants to burn the Koran. That is also fuelling the fire, for both sides. Religion needs to come off this ridiculous pedestal it has been put on. For some reason, it’s taboo to mock religious ideologies. Why? By making these things somehow sacred, yo’re giving them more power than they deserve. So, to remember those who died, take the piss out of the terrorists, and out of the morons who want to burn the Koran. Mock them, make light of the situation, and they’ll feel stupid… rightfully so.