Sorry for the absense! I’ve been very busy recently, got myself a new job, doing alot of hours, so I’ve not has as much time to get on here and vent my thoughts.

First of all, I’ll start by recapping my life at the moment, it has been a while after all! Well, I have a new job, which looks set to be permanent. It’s not a job I enjoy, the hours are horrible, and I hate my boss. It’s making me miserable, but I need the money, and maybe once I’ve got myself settled down properly, perhaps I can try and find something else. That’s all the news I have though, really. Nothing else has really changed. My knee still gives me trouble, I still drink alot, I’m still pretty miserable, and I still hate people.

Right, back to business!


Today in the news there was something about some police in America (Texas, I think, they had cowboy hats on, so it must be Texas…) who rushed out to some farmhouse because some psychic told them she had visions of a mass grave full of dismembered children (METAAAAL), then they were surprised when they found nothing.

How many fucking times do “psychics” have to be wrong before people realise they’re all bullshitting us? What do they just say “Oh, well, I’ll get it right next time!” and we let them off the hook?!

This is retarded, why do people give these people any thought at all? They’re always wrong, they always will be. If they weren’t, then they’d be able to provide some credible proof.


Stay rational, people.