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9 years ago, today…

9 years ago today, many people were killed by religion. We should all remember the terrible events of that day, and remember that it is only because of religious stupidity that these people died for absolutely nothing.

People need to stop fearing terrorists, and religious extremists, and openly mock them. By making out these nutjobs are powerful, you’re just fuelling the fire. Mock them. Make fun of them.

The worst thing to do is to start using religious extremism to fight religious extremism, like that idiot who wants to burn the Koran. That is also fuelling the fire, for both sides. Religion needs to come off this ridiculous pedestal it has been put on. For some reason, it’s taboo to mock religious ideologies. Why? By making these things somehow sacred, yo’re giving them more power than they deserve. So, to remember those who died, take the piss out of the terrorists, and out of the morons who want to burn the Koran. Mock them, make light of the situation, and they’ll feel stupid… rightfully so.

Well, having just got back from my first day at the office, the first thing I see in my Facebook news feed is…. this.


For those who haven’t got the time/can’t be bothered/can’t read (Wait, how are you reading this?), it’s basically Tony Blair telling all the monotheistic religions that they need to unite against the “evils” of atheism and secularism. Even though alot of theists approve of secularism. Tony Blair has no idea what he’s even on about, what evils have been brought about by atheists recently, or ever, in comparison to religion?

Tony Blair, you’ve just shown yourself to be a complete moron.

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