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Prayers: Do they work?


If anyone has any evidence of prayers working, preferably things which cannot be explained, not just convenient coincidences, like; “I prayed for rain, and the next day, it rained!” or “I had a sick cousin, he was in hospital for months, so I prayed, and he got better!”

Those two up there don’t count. It rains alot, and people do get better from going to the hospital. Your prayers change nothing.

So, if there’s anyone reading this who has some evidence that prayer works, or even an interesting story, please, drop a comment in the little box.


I don’t really see the point in prayer. Surely if God wanted to do something, he’d do it anyway, regardless of whether we ask him? Even asking him would be pointless, since he already knows what we want, in the first place.

Even if theists don’t get anything from praying, they continue to do it, continue to see it does nothing, then continue to say it’s “God’s Will”. Then, if by chance, they get the desired result, then apparently God listened to them and granted them their magic wish! Yaaaaay!

So, God’s Will is apparently always the way it goes except when you ask nicely enough then you always get what you want? I don’t get it.