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God is petty.

Why does God supposedly care if I touch myself at night? Never understood this. Why are some things sins? Just because God apparently doesn’t like them? Supposedly sin leads to suffering and death, but I never heard of anybody dying of masturbation, or pre-marital sex… Well, if they have died from those things, then… they’re doing it wrong.

In fact, it seems the other way round. I’d gladly put money on the fact that more people have probably died from fasting that masturbating. Something that supposedly honors God is apparently more dangerous than something that he hates for no reason. Makes sense. In fact, it’s been discovered that masturbation is good for you, and can even decrease the odds of getting prostate cancer in males. Sin is obviously good for you.

Also, obviously, unprotected sex does actually kill people. The Catholic church should be held personally responsible for people who have died of AIDS, thanks to their anti-condom propaganda. Condoms, on the other hand, kill nobody.

So maybe God got it wrong? Maybe being sinful is healthy? The wages of sin apparently aren’t death, in fact, it appears the other way round. Trying to please God is more likely to kill you. Funny that.


Funny thing I’ve always noticed… Those who claim there is some kind of absolute morality always seem to go against said morals. I’m a nihilist, I think morals are just a system of control to get people to act a certain way, and I seem to be more “moral” than most theists.

This doesn’t make sense, to me.

No absolute morality.

Why is it that alot of theists preach about a God-given absolute morality? Supposedly we all know these morals given to us (Even though alot of the time, they’re the first ones to go against said morals) and we choose to sin against God.

What utter crap. Morals are learned. They are handed down by our parents and teachers. Why do you think morals have changed as society itself has changed? Why was it that 150 years ago, a woman baring her knees was considered highly provocative, even slutty? Whereas now, nobody looks twice at a bikini? (Well, I normally look more than twice, but you know what I mean)

If there was an absolute morality, nothing would have ever changed.

If you put a child in a room as a baby, and leave him completely alone in there, with no windows, one door, which is locked to him, and just a small hole in which food is dropped in, do you think he would be able to learn morals? Say, if you let him out on his 16th birthday, he would automatically know that pre-marital sex is wrong? He wouldn’t even know what sex was, only that putting his cock in various things felt REALLY good. So he’d put his junk in just about everything he could lay his hands on. The concept of other people feeling and thinking as well probably wouldn’t even occur to him. They’d just be mere things to him, not people, as such.

Morality is subjective. Fact.