Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Been pretty busy, especially with the chaotic snow conditions everywhere. Been getting stuck in traffic jams to and from work.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Christmas, and are enjoying the time off work, unless you are working, in which case, take it easy, there’s no need to work your arse off.

Anywho, I finally have some inspiration!

Why does it always seem that theists take one thing, completely unrelated to anything Goddish, and use it as proof of God? It doesn’t make sense.

So far, I’ve seen death, evil, love, gravity, evolution and baked beans (Well, okay, maybe not baked beans) all being used as “proof” of God.

When will they understand than just because one thing is there, doesn’t necessarily mean that something unproven was ever there?

I mean, we have the obvious types of logic that go with this way of thinking. For instance, if you see an apple, you know it comes from an apple tree. That’s fine, because we KNOW that apple trees exist. I can walk down the road and see one, I can take an apple off one of the branches. I can force other people to believe in the apple (also, the apple tree), by throwing the apple at their head.

God, however, has never been seen. He’s never even been defined properly. How can anything be evidence of something that hasn’t even been defined, yet? It doesn’t make sense.

Death is proof that we die, nothing more, nothing less. If anything, it goes against some religious texts, which insist death can be undone (I’m looking at you, Lazarus.), and that at one point, it didn’t even exist. Death exists because without it, the world would just keep getting more and more crowded until we could no longer fit on it. There’s no reason to imply that it’s proof of anything else, because it doesn’t imply there is anything else. It doesn’t even HINT towards their being some kind of omnipotent being.

Love is an emotional reaction, it’s chemical, and evolutionary. If parents didn’t love their children, they’d leave them to die, and the human race would have died out before we even got started. If we didn’t love other human beings, we’d treat them like crap, and that wouldn’t help the human race propagate itself, either.

Evil? That just shows that people will do whatever serves them best, which again, doesn’t have anything to do with God.

So please, stop reading into things which aren’t there, and look for actual proof of God. Otherwise, baked beans mean that the FSM exists.