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Again, sorry for the lack of updates.

I’ve been quite ill, and busy with buying a new car! It’s a Renault Megane, the old shape, not the new one, and I really like it.

Today’s post is short but simple…

Why do people trust God over man? At least man has shown himself to be able to actually make decisions, God can’t even prove he exists.

Personally, I trust neither, but I’m a misanthropic asshole, so it might just be me.

My apologies… again.

Again, I apologise for lack of updates, if anyone has actually been reading this. I’m currently pretty busy with work, and it doesn’t give me much free time. So, my question for today, inspired both by a conversation at work, and by someone else on a forum I frequent, is this: Can non-existence exist?

Personally, I think; No. I believe the universe is infinite, has always been here, and always will be, so there has always been something.

I’m also feeling pretty ill right now, so my head is a little fuzzy. Sorry for the lack of updates, and the lack of clarity. I’ll try be better in the next few days.