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Sorry for the lack of updates!

My sincerest apologies for the lack of updates the last couple of days. I have been pretty busy, with my new job, and getting drunk. As I type this, I am nursing a pretty horrendous hangover. I shall still attempt to try and update every day, if I can. Right, time to try and shed this hangover!



Gaaah! Went out last night, didn’t even have that many drinks, yet I have a killer hangover, today. My brain is too booze-soaked to even comprehend any anti-theistic thoughts. So I’ll simply add to yesterdays thoughts. Kind of.

As well as God apparently lacking foresight, he also forgot to mention in Genesis that he also created other planets. Why couldn’t he have stated that he created Saturn, Jupiter, etc?

Why? Oh yeah, because people didn’t know about other planets at that point, and whoever wrote the Bible (Not God, by the way) had no idea there were any other planets besides ours, so they weren’t mentioned.

Okay, time to rest, this hangover is undoubtedly kicking my ass today.