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Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Been pretty busy, especially with the chaotic snow conditions everywhere. Been getting stuck in traffic jams to and from work.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Christmas, and are enjoying the time off work, unless you are working, in which case, take it easy, there’s no need to work your arse off.

Anywho, I finally have some inspiration!

Why does it always seem that theists take one thing, completely unrelated to anything Goddish, and use it as proof of God? It doesn’t make sense.

So far, I’ve seen death, evil, love, gravity, evolution and baked beans (Well, okay, maybe not baked beans) all being used as “proof” of God.

When will they understand than just because one thing is there, doesn’t necessarily mean that something unproven was ever there?

I mean, we have the obvious types of logic that go with this way of thinking. For instance, if you see an apple, you know it comes from an apple tree. That’s fine, because we KNOW that apple trees exist. I can walk down the road and see one, I can take an apple off one of the branches. I can force other people to believe in the apple (also, the apple tree), by throwing the apple at their head.

God, however, has never been seen. He’s never even been defined properly. How can anything be evidence of something that hasn’t even been defined, yet? It doesn’t make sense.

Death is proof that we die, nothing more, nothing less. If anything, it goes against some religious texts, which insist death can be undone (I’m looking at you, Lazarus.), and that at one point, it didn’t even exist. Death exists because without it, the world would just keep getting more and more crowded until we could no longer fit on it. There’s no reason to imply that it’s proof of anything else, because it doesn’t imply there is anything else. It doesn’t even HINT towards their being some kind of omnipotent being.

Love is an emotional reaction, it’s chemical, and evolutionary. If parents didn’t love their children, they’d leave them to die, and the human race would have died out before we even got started. If we didn’t love other human beings, we’d treat them like crap, and that wouldn’t help the human race propagate itself, either.

Evil? That just shows that people will do whatever serves them best, which again, doesn’t have anything to do with God.

So please, stop reading into things which aren’t there, and look for actual proof of God. Otherwise, baked beans mean that the FSM exists.



I guess God doesn’t care, this time…

Following up on my rant about the Chilean miners incident the other month, a tragedy occurred this week in New Zealand, and 29 miners lost their lives in an explosion in a coal mine.

I notice nobody is bringing God up this time (Except me, of course), whereas last time he was getting all the credit for saving the Chilean miners. Apparently, he just couldn’t be bothered to do anything for these other miners.

Either he’s looking out for us, or he isn’t, make up your fucking minds, or stop making up shit. If he’s responsible for good things, he’s responsible for bad things, too.

So, I put up an apparently “controversial and offensive” status a few nights ago, on Faceybook;

“To those who prayed for the miners in Chile; …Well done. You didn’t do jack-shit. The people who built the rescue capsules did more than your “God”.

Respect the rescuers, first and foremost. Then the survivors. They deserve the respect, not any omnipotent beings.”

Now, I didn’t see the big deal when I posted this, as it’s just basically my opinion. I didn’t really attack anybody, and I didn’t feel it was overly antagonising.

I then got a load of comments saying “Waaah! I respect your right to disbelieve, but don’t attack my God! Waaaaah!”.

So, now, me saying that there is no God is somehow offensive? Since when? It’s my opinion, why can’t I express it?

This is like me telling someone to shut up for saying “Praise God! All 33 miners made it out safely! He truly was watching over them!”, which would be utterly stupid. Though I disagree with what they are saying, I wouldn’t get all butthurt over it.

So it seems it’s fine for them to shove God in all our faces 24/7, and we can’t say anything about it, but the moment us atheists express our opinion that God isn’t there, then we’ve committed some kind of atrocity?

Doesn’t seem very fair, to me.

God is petty.

Why does God supposedly care if I touch myself at night? Never understood this. Why are some things sins? Just because God apparently doesn’t like them? Supposedly sin leads to suffering and death, but I never heard of anybody dying of masturbation, or pre-marital sex… Well, if they have died from those things, then… they’re doing it wrong.

In fact, it seems the other way round. I’d gladly put money on the fact that more people have probably died from fasting that masturbating. Something that supposedly honors God is apparently more dangerous than something that he hates for no reason. Makes sense. In fact, it’s been discovered that masturbation is good for you, and can even decrease the odds of getting prostate cancer in males. Sin is obviously good for you.

Also, obviously, unprotected sex does actually kill people. The Catholic church should be held personally responsible for people who have died of AIDS, thanks to their anti-condom propaganda. Condoms, on the other hand, kill nobody.

So maybe God got it wrong? Maybe being sinful is healthy? The wages of sin apparently aren’t death, in fact, it appears the other way round. Trying to please God is more likely to kill you. Funny that.


Funny thing I’ve always noticed… Those who claim there is some kind of absolute morality always seem to go against said morals. I’m a nihilist, I think morals are just a system of control to get people to act a certain way, and I seem to be more “moral” than most theists.

This doesn’t make sense, to me.

Back on track!

Right, sorry about that, I was pretty busy over the weekend, and by busy, I mean hungover. I have recovered now and enjoyed an emmensely boring day at the office. Fun stuff.

Today’s topic is inspired by Stephen Hawking. He recently stated that God is not needed for the formation of the universe, because we know of laws of gravity, which makes formation of planets and galaxies possible. Whilst I won’t even pretend to be smart enough to be able to understand all that he’s on about, I have been saying for years that God isn’t needed for the formation of the universe, and thar gravity played a part in it, so we must be on the same page.

The way I see it, the universe is a place, a place that has always been here (Not as we know it now, obviously), and always will be. Various things will happen within that universe, such as the formation (and subsequent destruction) of galaxies.

Now, religious people. who insist God created the universe and everything in it, will insist that in order for the universe to be here, there needs to be a creator, because something can’t just always be here, or be formed from nothing.

“The universe can’t be formed from nothing, everything needs a creator.”
“Okay, who created God?”
“That doesn’t apply to him, he didn’t need a creator.”
“Because… it just doesn’t.”

Why does this rule apparently apply to the universe, but not to God? Why is he so special as to apparently be able to avoid this rule?

Well, the way I see it, if God can evade this rule, so can the universe. At least we know the universe exists, since we’re a part of it. There’s never been any evidence for the existence of any deity.

Ayersy: 1
God: 0

Not that I’m keeping score, or anything.

No absolute morality.

Why is it that alot of theists preach about a God-given absolute morality? Supposedly we all know these morals given to us (Even though alot of the time, they’re the first ones to go against said morals) and we choose to sin against God.

What utter crap. Morals are learned. They are handed down by our parents and teachers. Why do you think morals have changed as society itself has changed? Why was it that 150 years ago, a woman baring her knees was considered highly provocative, even slutty? Whereas now, nobody looks twice at a bikini? (Well, I normally look more than twice, but you know what I mean)

If there was an absolute morality, nothing would have ever changed.

If you put a child in a room as a baby, and leave him completely alone in there, with no windows, one door, which is locked to him, and just a small hole in which food is dropped in, do you think he would be able to learn morals? Say, if you let him out on his 16th birthday, he would automatically know that pre-marital sex is wrong? He wouldn’t even know what sex was, only that putting his cock in various things felt REALLY good. So he’d put his junk in just about everything he could lay his hands on. The concept of other people feeling and thinking as well probably wouldn’t even occur to him. They’d just be mere things to him, not people, as such.

Morality is subjective. Fact.

With God, there is no free will.

“Before I (God) formed you in the womb I knew you” – Jer 1:5

This supposedly astonishing line in the bible means that we, in fact, have no free will. Consider it for a second.

If God apparently knows you before you’re even conceived, then that means you will always have been conceived, and nothing could have ever changed that. If you weren’t conceived, he couldn’t know you.

This means that not only is God forcing your parents to conceive you, he is in fact keeping them alive in order to do it. This means there is no free will. If one of your parents wanted to kill themselves before they had sex in order to conceive you, they wouldn’t be able to. How could they? God knows you already.

This also means other people are affected, on a massive scale. Say somebody wanted to stab your father (Let’s face it, he had it coming.) the day before he and your mother got jiggy? How could he possibly kill him? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to, since God apparently knows you’re already going to be conceived. No free will.

The truth is, we live in a world of chance. Everything is based on chance. Every day, we can live or die, based on chance. That speeding car hurtling down the road? If you forgot to grab your coat, causing you to go back indoors and get it, you may have gotten run over by that car. Due to sheer chance, you ain’t dead.

Businesses are built upon chance. Meet the right business associate at the right time, in the right place, and happen to make the right impression, and you may be able to strike up a deal. Remember, that particular business associate got to where he did by luckily meeting the right people and making the right impression, too.

Romance is based on chance. Going up to the bar at a certain time can decide whether you meet your future spouse. So the next time your mate spills your pint, causing you to have to go up the bar, consider that maybe because of that spillage, you could end up meeting the love of your life.

We exist as a species, solely based on chance. If an ancient ancestor of ours didn’t survive, then this world, and the entire ecosystem, would be an entirely different place, completely devoid of humans, or any other animals we see around us.

Chance is far more amazing than God could ever be, and it won’t violate your free will. Sure, you might not always get the outcome you want, and alot of the time, chance seems to reward others, whilst taking a huge dump on you, but at least we know it’s not the work of some magical deity promising free will whilst really controlling the show from behind the scenes. These are the breaks.

Chances are, we could all die tomorrow. So take some time to enjoy life, whilst you have the chance. You’re free to do so.

Well, I suppose I ought to reveal my actual religious background, and what I believe at the moment. You know, just so you can gain a true insight into what a pleasant individual I am.

My parents are pretty much agnostic, though my fathers side of the family is pretty strongly Anglican, which showed, through my grandmother and to a lesser extent, grandfather. On my mother’s side, my nan was heavily Christian, and I never met my grandad, on account of him being dead. That kind of makes it hard to meet up and discuss these kinds of things.

Anywho, my parents always made a point never to really shove any religion on me, since they don’t really care. My grandparents, though, were another story, and after a while, it rubbed off on me.

I was a believer as a child, as far back as I can remember, up until the age of about 15, when I realised I didn’t really believe anymore, but still wanted to. I had a minor crisis of faith, where I desperately tried to cling onto my belief in dear old God, but alas, I realised I was agnostic, and after a while, I didn’t really care anymore. I became apathetic, like most British people seem to be, regarding religion.

Once I started college, I started to gain more of an interest in religion, and the possibility of there being any deities. I did a little research, and alot of thinking. I eventually came to the conclusion there is absolutely NO evidence to condone the belief in any kind of god, and realised I was in fact, an atheist! Taa-daaaah!

I was fine being an atheist for a while, then, about a year or so ago, I started pondering the purpose and meaning of life, and began to think about the universe itself. After really thinking hard, I came to the conclusion I’m a nihilist. A moral and existential nihilist, to be precise. Basically, I believe life has no intrinsic value or meaning to it, instead, people have to give it their own personal meaning, with religion, or whatever.

I also believe there is no set moral code, and as such, morals are man-made, and are simply a system of controlling the people. Admittedly, this system of control is needed, or we’d have died out eons ago.

I now am 100% certain there is no God. I know it’s rare, and kind of arrogant, for an atheist to say, but I literally cannot logically see any way a deity could exist. There is no evidence for anything supernatural, and I can’t see there being any evidence popping up any time soon.

The other thing is, God is literally getting smaller as the years go by. The need for God is dwindling in peoples lives, as we make new discoveries. The gaps are being filled, and this leaves no place for God. The only reason people are hanging on to him is for stability, warmth and comfort, much like a fat man in a wind tunnel.

So, now you know. You’re reading the ramblings of a completely nihilistic young weirdo, who believes in nothing but the physical… and unless you can present evidence to the contrary… it’s gonna stay that way.

Now, I must get some kip, as I start my new job in the morning. Take it easy.

Since I start my new job, tomorrow, I’ve had to try getting up earlier. Blagh. Not fond of mornings.

Anyway, as I pointlessly tried to sleep last night, I was thinking (Damn brain, never turns off.) about evidence, and how people view it.

Now obviously we are supposed to be neutral when it comes to evidence, but we know people with an agenda (Not just theists, we’re guilty of it too, unfortunately) normally only notice evidence if it corresponds to their set of beliefs.

Theists typically gloss over evidence which is gradually showing their deity to be a God of The Gaps. The amount of denial and goalpost-shifting is astounding. These people will literally bend over backwards to stop their religion from looking silly, in the light of new discoveries. As individuals, we’re all guilty of a little bias, now and again, we’re all only human, after all. The problems arise, though, when groups have personal bias, for whatever reason, and then spout fallacies and bare-faced lies. The famous Answers In Genesis billboard comes to mind, or the Christian church outlawing telescopes, hundreds of years ago, afraid people might find out just too much for their faith.

So, today’s homework, kids, is to take a step back, try and remain utterly neutral, and take a look at the evidence for both sides. See what makes sense, then. Chances are, you can’t do it, I’m pretty certain I can’t, either, but it’d be interesting to see what someone truly neutral would have to say about the concept of God, wouldn’t it?

Right, I am hungry, so right now, it’s scavenging time. Peace.