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Back on track!

Right, sorry about that, I was pretty busy over the weekend, and by busy, I mean hungover. I have recovered now and enjoyed an emmensely boring day at the office. Fun stuff.

Today’s topic is inspired by Stephen Hawking. He recently stated that God is not needed for the formation of the universe, because we know of laws of gravity, which makes formation of planets and galaxies possible. Whilst I won’t even pretend to be smart enough to be able to understand all that he’s on about, I have been saying for years that God isn’t needed for the formation of the universe, and thar gravity played a part in it, so we must be on the same page.

The way I see it, the universe is a place, a place that has always been here (Not as we know it now, obviously), and always will be. Various things will happen within that universe, such as the formation (and subsequent destruction) of galaxies.

Now, religious people. who insist God created the universe and everything in it, will insist that in order for the universe to be here, there needs to be a creator, because something can’t just always be here, or be formed from nothing.

“The universe can’t be formed from nothing, everything needs a creator.”
“Okay, who created God?”
“That doesn’t apply to him, he didn’t need a creator.”
“Because… it just doesn’t.”

Why does this rule apparently apply to the universe, but not to God? Why is he so special as to apparently be able to avoid this rule?

Well, the way I see it, if God can evade this rule, so can the universe. At least we know the universe exists, since we’re a part of it. There’s never been any evidence for the existence of any deity.

Ayersy: 1
God: 0

Not that I’m keeping score, or anything.


Gaaah! Went out last night, didn’t even have that many drinks, yet I have a killer hangover, today. My brain is too booze-soaked to even comprehend any anti-theistic thoughts. So I’ll simply add to yesterdays thoughts. Kind of.

As well as God apparently lacking foresight, he also forgot to mention in Genesis that he also created other planets. Why couldn’t he have stated that he created Saturn, Jupiter, etc?

Why? Oh yeah, because people didn’t know about other planets at that point, and whoever wrote the Bible (Not God, by the way) had no idea there were any other planets besides ours, so they weren’t mentioned.

Okay, time to rest, this hangover is undoubtedly kicking my ass today.