“Before I (God) formed you in the womb I knew you” – Jer 1:5

This supposedly astonishing line in the bible means that we, in fact, have no free will. Consider it for a second.

If God apparently knows you before you’re even conceived, then that means you will always have been conceived, and nothing could have ever changed that. If you weren’t conceived, he couldn’t know you.

This means that not only is God forcing your parents to conceive you, he is in fact keeping them alive in order to do it. This means there is no free will. If one of your parents wanted to kill themselves before they had sex in order to conceive you, they wouldn’t be able to. How could they? God knows you already.

This also means other people are affected, on a massive scale. Say somebody wanted to stab your father (Let’s face it, he had it coming.) the day before he and your mother got jiggy? How could he possibly kill him? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to, since God apparently knows you’re already going to be conceived. No free will.

The truth is, we live in a world of chance. Everything is based on chance. Every day, we can live or die, based on chance. That speeding car hurtling down the road? If you forgot to grab your coat, causing you to go back indoors and get it, you may have gotten run over by that car. Due to sheer chance, you ain’t dead.

Businesses are built upon chance. Meet the right business associate at the right time, in the right place, and happen to make the right impression, and you may be able to strike up a deal. Remember, that particular business associate got to where he did by luckily meeting the right people and making the right impression, too.

Romance is based on chance. Going up to the bar at a certain time can decide whether you meet your future spouse. So the next time your mate spills your pint, causing you to have to go up the bar, consider that maybe because of that spillage, you could end up meeting the love of your life.

We exist as a species, solely based on chance. If an ancient ancestor of ours didn’t survive, then this world, and the entire ecosystem, would be an entirely different place, completely devoid of humans, or any other animals we see around us.

Chance is far more amazing than God could ever be, and it won’t violate your free will. Sure, you might not always get the outcome you want, and alot of the time, chance seems to reward others, whilst taking a huge dump on you, but at least we know it’s not the work of some magical deity promising free will whilst really controlling the show from behind the scenes. These are the breaks.

Chances are, we could all die tomorrow. So take some time to enjoy life, whilst you have the chance. You’re free to do so.