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Denying evidence… again.

Not quite anything to do with any deities, but supernatural, nonetheless.

Earlier I found an article (A humorous one, though it has citations), detailing scientific reasons why people sometimes perceive ghosts;


I read it, and found it interesting, then thought I’d show it to my friend, who often argues with me about ghosts, as he believes in them. Now, I have no real problem with people believing in them, but after I showed him this article, he just proclaimed that science can’t explain everything, which is kind of fair enough, except that in this case, it actually does a fairly good job of explaining this particular subject.

To me, this just counts as denying the evidence which is brought forth. This has citation, and has apparently been tested in a scientific manner.

All I can say is that it seems more people would like to deny evidence than to actually listen to it, for fear of letting go of their views on spirituality… Which I wouldn’t mind so much, if they just admitted it, and especially without getting butthurt.

In the end, it came down to the old “Well, if you don’t wanna believe in ghosts, then that’s fine, but I do.” speech. I seem to be one of the few people who don’t do this. If someone tried to convince me of a ghost story they thought was true, or something similar, I would refute it, with logic and reasoning, not just proclaim that we believe different things, and that’s that.

It’s not logical. I don’t get it.

PS. Going to try and keep on top of this blog, now. I was in a bad mood recently, not really inspired enough to write on here. Bear with me. 🙂

Prayers: Do they work?


If anyone has any evidence of prayers working, preferably things which cannot be explained, not just convenient coincidences, like; “I prayed for rain, and the next day, it rained!” or “I had a sick cousin, he was in hospital for months, so I prayed, and he got better!”

Those two up there don’t count. It rains alot, and people do get better from going to the hospital. Your prayers change nothing.

So, if there’s anyone reading this who has some evidence that prayer works, or even an interesting story, please, drop a comment in the little box.

Not a morning person/Evidence?

Since I start my new job, tomorrow, I’ve had to try getting up earlier. Blagh. Not fond of mornings.

Anyway, as I pointlessly tried to sleep last night, I was thinking (Damn brain, never turns off.) about evidence, and how people view it.

Now obviously we are supposed to be neutral when it comes to evidence, but we know people with an agenda (Not just theists, we’re guilty of it too, unfortunately) normally only notice evidence if it corresponds to their set of beliefs.

Theists typically gloss over evidence which is gradually showing their deity to be a God of The Gaps. The amount of denial and goalpost-shifting is astounding. These people will literally bend over backwards to stop their religion from looking silly, in the light of new discoveries. As individuals, we’re all guilty of a little bias, now and again, we’re all only human, after all. The problems arise, though, when groups have personal bias, for whatever reason, and then spout fallacies and bare-faced lies. The famous Answers In Genesis billboard comes to mind, or the Christian church outlawing telescopes, hundreds of years ago, afraid people might find out just too much for their faith.

So, today’s homework, kids, is to take a step back, try and remain utterly neutral, and take a look at the evidence for both sides. See what makes sense, then. Chances are, you can’t do it, I’m pretty certain I can’t, either, but it’d be interesting to see what someone truly neutral would have to say about the concept of God, wouldn’t it?

Right, I am hungry, so right now, it’s scavenging time. Peace.