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The Bible? Nonsense.

I’ve been witnessed to again, today, via a private message on the forums I go on. What is it with Christians? Why can’t they understand that I don’t take the Bible to be anything more than a bunch of crappy old fables written by supersticious men?

I got a load of passages thrown at me, so I politely replied that scripture means nothing to me, since it’s not the word of God, but of mere men. Only to get the standard “I’m not the one who has to convince you. Blah blah blah.” spiel, followed up by a predictable “You must open your heart to Jesus.” and “Every knee will bow.” 1-2 combination.

You woulda thought after I specifically stated the Bible is rubbish to me, that they woulda stopped trying to use the Bible to try and convince me.

Silly me, expecting them to learn from mistakes.


Gaaah! Went out last night, didn’t even have that many drinks, yet I have a killer hangover, today. My brain is too booze-soaked to even comprehend any anti-theistic thoughts. So I’ll simply add to yesterdays thoughts. Kind of.

As well as God apparently lacking foresight, he also forgot to mention in Genesis that he also created other planets. Why couldn’t he have stated that he created Saturn, Jupiter, etc?

Why? Oh yeah, because people didn’t know about other planets at that point, and whoever wrote the Bible (Not God, by the way) had no idea there were any other planets besides ours, so they weren’t mentioned.

Okay, time to rest, this hangover is undoubtedly kicking my ass today.

God has no foresight.

This may seem like a very simplistic point to make, but why is it that God apparently condemns the use of birth control, but never made a point of actually saying that in the Bible?

I was thinking about this, last night, as I was trying to get to sleep; Why did he just not write “Thou shalt not use condoms.” in the Bible. I mean, he’s all-knowing and all-powerful, right? Surely time is nothing to God, he knew we would make condoms, because he knows everything.

What possible reason could he have for not writing it in there?

Then of course, there’s the obvious reason… That the Bible is written by man, and therefore they obviously wouldn’t have known about any of that stuff yet, since they can’t see into the future.

Sure woulda made a lot of difference, though, had God just written it in there… We coulda been spared alot of arguments.

Without him specifying they are forbidden, perhaps they simply aren’t. Maybe the catholic church is wrong, and they’re helping the spread of AIDS with their ignorant claims.

The wages of sin is death? More like the wages of ignorance is death.