Remember the post a while back about there being no free will, so long as God apparently knows the future? Well, so far, nobody has been able to refute that point, so it’s obviously quite a dilemma for theists to be in. Quite proud that I thought of it on my own (though I probably ain’t the first), and that it’s apparently caused people to stop and do some thinking.

I haven’t really got any other ponderings to mention, whilst I’m updating.

In personal news, however. My whore of an ex-girlfriend made an appearance on TV today (The Jeremy Kyle show), and lied her ass off, on there. I felt a combination of both rage, and pity, as I watched the huge farce unfold on my screen. It was also pretty damn funny. Anyway, all in the past now, but damn, felt weird to watch. In other news, my work is going alright, and I’m getting really used to using the system in the office.

Hoping I’ll be able to get another job within the council, albeit a little closer to home. That would rule.

I will rack my brains tomorrow and attempt to come up with a decent rant. If not, I shall regail you with the hilarious story of how I smashed my kneecap. Either way, it’ll be a good one to read. Later days!