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I guess God doesn’t care, this time…

Following up on my rant about the Chilean miners incident the other month, a tragedy occurred this week in New Zealand, and 29 miners lost their lives in an explosion in a coal mine.

I notice nobody is bringing God up this time (Except me, of course), whereas last time he was getting all the credit for saving the Chilean miners. Apparently, he just couldn’t be bothered to do anything for these other miners.

Either he’s looking out for us, or he isn’t, make up your fucking minds, or stop making up shit. If he’s responsible for good things, he’s responsible for bad things, too.

Can we change our personalities? Should we?

Less of an atheist rant here.

This year I’ve kinda been up and down, as far as my feelings have gone. Prior to this year, I’ve always been kind of emotionally dead, never happy, not really sad either. I’ve been described as miserable, and alot of the time this description fits.

At the start of this year I was feeling great, never been better, this was followed by a crippling, alcohol-fuelled depression, then it kind of balanced out.

Now I’m back where I started… Miserable. I’m not in a bad enough mood to say I’m depressed, or even sad, but I’m certainly not in a good mood, either. It’s just… a mild, seething rage, that never goes away.

I’ve tried changing myself this year, at first for someone else, then for myself. I’ve tried being nicer, less argumentative, and it worked, for a bit, then they treated me like a mug, then other people did, too.

I carried on with it, and nothing’s different, people still treat me like crap, only now, when I do/say the things I used to say back when people expected it of me, they’re shocked and upset.

Do I stick with my natural inclination to be stubborn, argumentative, arrogant and angry… or do I strive harder to be a nice person, at the risk of turning myself into a doormat, as well as driving myself completely nuts?

It’s a tough question, but really, can I change who I am? Would it be better to just embrace my mean streak (Which is a mile wide), instead of trying to hide it?

Can I force myself to be a happier person, when really I’ve just never been that way inclined?

Alot of questions, and no significant answers.



What is so wrong with there being no purpose? It seems alot of theists seem to need God to be real in order for there to be purpose and meaning in their lives, but I think “Why do you need purpose?”. You don’t need purpose to enjoy life, or maybe you can just assign your own personal meanings, give life your own purpose, as most people do.

If the purpose of your life is to be happy, then go on, go and be happy. You can do that without God. Live life your way, for then, you have freedom. Freedom of purpose, or from purpose. Whatever floats your boat.

Freedom of Speech.

I’m sure that most of you know that Armistice Day was the other day, and the majority of England held a 2 minute silence in respect for the war casualties. I’m sure that alot of you also heard about the disrespectful acts of a few inconsiderate Muslims who disturbed that peace, and burned poppies in protest.

Now, whilst I think these people are complete cretins, with no respect, I support their right to free speech. What pisses me off is people who react to them with racism, threats of violence, and saying they should be deported for their views.

Yes, they are wrong to do what they did. Yes, it was disrespectful. Yes, it was stupid… but was it illegal?


Therefore, you can’t do anything about it. I don’t want anybody telling other people what they can and can’t say. If you disagree with what someone says, tell them they are wrong, and list reasons why they are wrong. Argue with them, make their points invalid, for that is how they will learn. By silencing people who think differently, then you’re being just as bad as they are.

Freedom of speech; it’s not just for you. It’s for everybody.

Extraordinary claims…

… require extraordinary evidence.

If you’ve had contact with a spirit, if you’ve spoken to an angel, if you’ve witnessed a miracle, please, take a fucking photo.

Don’t make extraordinary claims, expect people to believe them, then get all butthurt when they don’t believe you.

“Well, my TV was thrown across the room by a ghost, and it smashed into my cupboard in such a way that a human couldn’t have done it!”

“Did you take a photo afterwards?”

“Well… no… but it did happen!”



Why are people always so shocked when I simply suggest people lie alot, or are wrong? It’s a shit load more likely than something for which we have no evidence.

Either provide proof, or STFU, bitches.

Natural personality types.

Now, given my recent explosion of… meanness, at a halloween party, I’ve kinda had to think about who I really am. Still trying to figure it out.

I’m not a terribly happy person, and I never have been. When I have been happy, it’s felt very alien to me, almost like I’m just not made that way, which is, of course, a silly thing to think.

For alot of this year, I’ve been trying to be a nicer person, to be better to those around me, and to be what they want me to be. I thought that actually acting happy and nice might rub off and make me that way.

I was wrong. It didn’t work at all, and now I find myself thinking more like I used to; bitter, angry, cynical and misanthropic.

Generally, I am a nice guy, but I have a genuine mean streak which is a mile-wide. I try to keep it under control but I’ve been finding that harder lately.

The question is, do I continue to try and act like something I’m not, or go with my natural feelings, even if that may upset people?

Some of my better friends know what I’m like, and are thick-skinned enough to be able to handle me (Brooker & Marc in particular) when I’m being a bitter, grumpy dickhead. Other friends of mine can’t handle my mean side, and really, I can’t blame them. So do I continue to try my hardest to be super-duper nice, even if it drives me nuts? …Or… do I just let myself act naturally, like an insensitive, brutally honest arsehole?

Tough decision.

Comfort blankets.

Inevitably, during a conversation at work, one of my colleagues said “Why can’t you people just leave believers to have their comforting beliefs?” to me and someone else I work with, who is also quite anti-theistic.

The answer to this is quite simple; IT’S WRONG.

Now, I don’t care if the guy over the road believes in God, I don’t care if you do, or my mum does, or most people, for that matter. I do care, however, when it’s someone who is in charge of the country, or someone making other people’s lives miserable.

I also feel I have the right to voice my opinion, even if it may damage other people’s fragile little beliefs.

Well, at least they admitted it’s just a comfort blanket.

Denying evidence… again.

Not quite anything to do with any deities, but supernatural, nonetheless.

Earlier I found an article (A humorous one, though it has citations), detailing scientific reasons why people sometimes perceive ghosts;

I read it, and found it interesting, then thought I’d show it to my friend, who often argues with me about ghosts, as he believes in them. Now, I have no real problem with people believing in them, but after I showed him this article, he just proclaimed that science can’t explain everything, which is kind of fair enough, except that in this case, it actually does a fairly good job of explaining this particular subject.

To me, this just counts as denying the evidence which is brought forth. This has citation, and has apparently been tested in a scientific manner.

All I can say is that it seems more people would like to deny evidence than to actually listen to it, for fear of letting go of their views on spirituality… Which I wouldn’t mind so much, if they just admitted it, and especially without getting butthurt.

In the end, it came down to the old “Well, if you don’t wanna believe in ghosts, then that’s fine, but I do.” speech. I seem to be one of the few people who don’t do this. If someone tried to convince me of a ghost story they thought was true, or something similar, I would refute it, with logic and reasoning, not just proclaim that we believe different things, and that’s that.

It’s not logical. I don’t get it.

PS. Going to try and keep on top of this blog, now. I was in a bad mood recently, not really inspired enough to write on here. Bear with me. 🙂