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Being too honest, and not explaining things properly.

I’ve never particularly been a fan of people, and I’ve also never been a particularly happy person. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way I am. I went to a party a couple of nights ago, with all my closest friends. Somehow, I ended up in a bad mood, and very drunk.

A couple of my friends were pressuring me to tell them why I consider myself a complete dickhead. I didn’t want to tell them, because it was something they wouldn’t want to hear. In the end, they managed to get me to admit that I just don’t like people, and I don’t particularly care about them.

I explained it badly, and it came out sounding like I just don’t care about my friends, when I do, really, I’m just not like other people. In the end, I pissed off just about everybody there, and I was acting like a complete prick.

Even though I was just being honest, maybe it’s one of those things that is better left unsaid. I’ve always prided myself on being an honest person, as I believe lies poison everything. In this situation though, I should have kept my mouth shut. I still feel awful about it now, and a couple of my closest friends are really upset. It’s silly, too, because I genuinly do care about them, in my own strange way. I try to prove this, regularly, and I’ve always been there when they need someone to talk to, and I’ve always been around to give advice, or help. I’m just a fairly apathetic person.

The silly thing is, I still care about them alot more than I care about myself, but in my drunken stupor, it sounded more like I don’t care about them at all. Then I was in an even worse mood, so I apparently (I don’t really remember) went on a drunken tirade, pissing everyone off, and talking complete shit.

I think I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut, sometimes.


Prayers: Do they work?


If anyone has any evidence of prayers working, preferably things which cannot be explained, not just convenient coincidences, like; “I prayed for rain, and the next day, it rained!” or “I had a sick cousin, he was in hospital for months, so I prayed, and he got better!”

Those two up there don’t count. It rains alot, and people do get better from going to the hospital. Your prayers change nothing.

So, if there’s anyone reading this who has some evidence that prayer works, or even an interesting story, please, drop a comment in the little box.

I seem to hear alot about belief in God apparently being a choice, which makes little sense to me. Surely if you believe… then you believe, that’s that. You can’t change your mind, either way. In the same way I can’t force myself to believe in God, I can’t force myself to not believe in this laptop, because I know what is real, and what isn’t.


On a (Mildly) related note, I was thinking today about belief, my post from a few days ago, when comfort and hope was brought up in the conversation. I think alot of people simply believe for the sake of believing. They shut out any doubts, in order to preserve their fragile crutch that is their faith in God. I pity these people. If only they truly realised how much hope and comfort you can get, without the need for imaginary friends and religious dogma…

So, I put up an apparently “controversial and offensive” status a few nights ago, on Faceybook;

“To those who prayed for the miners in Chile; …Well done. You didn’t do jack-shit. The people who built the rescue capsules did more than your “God”.

Respect the rescuers, first and foremost. Then the survivors. They deserve the respect, not any omnipotent beings.”

Now, I didn’t see the big deal when I posted this, as it’s just basically my opinion. I didn’t really attack anybody, and I didn’t feel it was overly antagonising.

I then got a load of comments saying “Waaah! I respect your right to disbelieve, but don’t attack my God! Waaaaah!”.

So, now, me saying that there is no God is somehow offensive? Since when? It’s my opinion, why can’t I express it?

This is like me telling someone to shut up for saying “Praise God! All 33 miners made it out safely! He truly was watching over them!”, which would be utterly stupid. Though I disagree with what they are saying, I wouldn’t get all butthurt over it.

So it seems it’s fine for them to shove God in all our faces 24/7, and we can’t say anything about it, but the moment us atheists express our opinion that God isn’t there, then we’ve committed some kind of atrocity?

Doesn’t seem very fair, to me.

Wanting it both ways.

Sorry again for the delays, had a busy time, lately. Had some work to do on my car, as well as selling my old one. The guy was sposed to come and pick it up on Sunday, but he didn’t. Great.

Last night I noticed something on Facebook. Someone on my friendlist posted something about religion only being good for 3 things, then a theist noted that religion also brings courage, comfort, and hope. I then mentioned that the same courage causes terrorists to blow themselves up.

Of course, he denied that this is the case, and instead blamed terrorism on extremists. Now, I obviously know that these extremists really are a tiny minority, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s religion that causes them to do what they do.

There’s no atheists blowing themselves up, or plotting to destroy western culture, is there? It’s religion causing this stuff. You can’t only accept the good whilst blaming the bad on something else. The same hope and courage that is so good for some people can also be bad for others, compelling them to do horrible things.

Religion poisons everything.

Undeserved credit.

Seriously. It really pisses me off when people tell others to pray for things. In this instance, the Chilean miners, who were rescued today.

Really, I’m very happy that they were all rescued. Couldn’t ask for more, with regards to that subject.


People prayed. This means “God” will get the credit for saving these guys, when really it was just good old fashioned human ingenuity and hard work, which is admirable on it’s own. That’s far more exciting than some magic boner in the sky wiggling his nose and somehow organizing everything so that other people made a little capsule drilly thing to get them out.

If God wanted to rescue them, he could of stopped them from being trapped in the first place, or simply teleported them out right?

Stop giving “God” credit for things. He’s not there. He can’t help. Grow the fuck up.

Pointless (But comforting) beliefs.

You know what? This isn’t really so much an atheistic rant, but it involves the same kind of stupid beliefs which people force themselves into believing, in order for themselves to feel slightly more comfortable about life.

Horoscopes. Yup. Stupid.

Seriously, I bet most (if not all) of you reading this are on facebook, and chances are, you have a horoscope app which sends you daily horoscopes, of you see a friend’s horoscope updates on there.

Ever read them? Notice how completely vague they are? It’s because they don’t mean jack-shit.

I’d place money that if someone took the daily horoscopes from a newspaper, cut the actual star-signs out of the page, and rearranged the actual horoscopes and the starsigns to go with them, that people would still read into them and say “OMG LOL IT TTLY CAME TROO!” the day afterwards.

Try it yourself. Next time you see an aquaintance (Preferably somebody with an obscure birthday) on your facebook news feed with a horoscope thingy coming up, read the horoscope. See if it could be applied to your day, in any way, shape, or form. Then read what the starsign is.

Also, the most obvious thing is the simple fact that the same events can’t happen to ALL Pisces at the same time, the world over. That’s just obvious.

How do people manage to persuade themselves to believe such crap? Simple. It makes them feel like there is a guiding force in their lives, watching out for them, bringing them some modicum of success or happiness.

Here’s news for you.

There is no guiding force in your life. Get used to the idea of random chance, and the fact that some people just are in the right place, at the right time, others aren’t so fortunate.

Lack of inspiration.

Again, I do apologise, if anyone is actually reading this. I’ve been really busy lately, trying to sort out alot of stuff, I’ve also had next to NO inspiration to write about anything.

I’ll try racking my brain some more to get some decent points.

The only thing I can think of now is objective/subjective values.

There is no such thing as objective value, otherwise your father’s life would mean as much to me as my own, which we all know is not true.

Nothing has any real value, only personal value. Think about that, while I think about what to write about, next. 😀