Can one person make a significant difference in the world? Is it possible for one guy to just stand up and say “No! That ain’t right! We demand free tacos!”? Well, okay, maybe not tacos, but apply the same thing to religious oppression. If one person stands up, and raises his voice, can it make a difference?

…..Maybe. Just as one small pebble can start a whole avalanche, just one person can start something huge. People need to start raising their voices, rise above the fear, and start doing something. If you, or I, can inspire just one other person to do the same, then it’s beneficial. Sure, we have people like Hitchens and Dawkins, but really, look how many priests, popes, bishops, cardinals, etc, that the church has. It’s because they aren’t as apathetic as alot of us are.

As I said before, religion should be criticized, it should be mocked, it should be challenged. Remove religion from this ridiculous pedestal it has been placed on, and raise your voice. You never know, you might just be the pebble to start the avalanche.