Well, I suppose I ought to reveal my actual religious background, and what I believe at the moment. You know, just so you can gain a true insight into what a pleasant individual I am.

My parents are pretty much agnostic, though my fathers side of the family is pretty strongly Anglican, which showed, through my grandmother and to a lesser extent, grandfather. On my mother’s side, my nan was heavily Christian, and I never met my grandad, on account of him being dead. That kind of makes it hard to meet up and discuss these kinds of things.

Anywho, my parents always made a point never to really shove any religion on me, since they don’t really care. My grandparents, though, were another story, and after a while, it rubbed off on me.

I was a believer as a child, as far back as I can remember, up until the age of about 15, when I realised I didn’t really believe anymore, but still wanted to. I had a minor crisis of faith, where I desperately tried to cling onto my belief in dear old God, but alas, I realised I was agnostic, and after a while, I didn’t really care anymore. I became apathetic, like most British people seem to be, regarding religion.

Once I started college, I started to gain more of an interest in religion, and the possibility of there being any deities. I did a little research, and alot of thinking. I eventually came to the conclusion there is absolutely NO evidence to condone the belief in any kind of god, and realised I was in fact, an atheist! Taa-daaaah!

I was fine being an atheist for a while, then, about a year or so ago, I started pondering the purpose and meaning of life, and began to think about the universe itself. After really thinking hard, I came to the conclusion I’m a nihilist. A moral and existential nihilist, to be precise. Basically, I believe life has no intrinsic value or meaning to it, instead, people have to give it their own personal meaning, with religion, or whatever.

I also believe there is no set moral code, and as such, morals are man-made, and are simply a system of controlling the people. Admittedly, this system of control is needed, or we’d have died out eons ago.

I now am 100% certain there is no God. I know it’s rare, and kind of arrogant, for an atheist to say, but I literally cannot logically see any way a deity could exist. There is no evidence for anything supernatural, and I can’t see there being any evidence popping up any time soon.

The other thing is, God is literally getting smaller as the years go by. The need for God is dwindling in peoples lives, as we make new discoveries. The gaps are being filled, and this leaves no place for God. The only reason people are hanging on to him is for stability, warmth and comfort, much like a fat man in a wind tunnel.

So, now you know. You’re reading the ramblings of a completely nihilistic young weirdo, who believes in nothing but the physical… and unless you can present evidence to the contrary… it’s gonna stay that way.

Now, I must get some kip, as I start my new job in the morning. Take it easy.